improvised concert

AITO concert

is a one hour long fully improvised a cappella journey.
We turn into music what is happening right now in our souls, bodies, minds, memories and senses.
The concert is a risky path where the singers trust to find the right notes one by one,
sharing with the audience the songs that are yet to be found.
The musical context can be what ever is born in the moment:
groovy rhythms, ballads, popular music, folk music, world music, fusion, classical etudes,
jazz or blues, songs or only stories, sounds and colours, movement,
or something we don´t know how to name yet.

Our one and only goal is to try to be honest in the moment, to be connected
to ourselves, each other and music – now.
Honesty in performance while being watched on stage is
a challenge we are eager to face and learn about.


Venla Ilona Blom
Kasheshi Makena
Vili Mustalampi
Arja Paju
Tero Pajunen
Merzi Rajala
Emma Salokoski